Our Offer Build knowledge, new skills, self-reliance, adaptability and confidence.

Erasmus+ placements.

Erasmus+ placements in different fields in the gorgeous city of Madrid. Develop cultural awareness, language proficiency, and be exposed to practices and experiences useful for your personal and professional growth.

Professional Visits.

Highly customized professional visits and seminars covering a wide range of topics to meet the specific interests of the involved groups. Use the possibilities of this interpersonal/inter-institutional encounter to its fullest with the support of our experts.

Project Support.

Full support in the whole cycle of project planning, management, implementation and monitoring. Our professional team is there for you every step of the way.

About Us Madrid Square is a space for learning, creating and growing.

An opportunity to unfold the magic of your own personal transformation through high quality work placements.

As transnational mobility is essential in the progression towards good career opportunities, we are dedicated to offer quality placements under different programs, including the Erasmus+ program. In order to provide a service essential to your personal and professional growth, we work only with companies that keep very high ethical standards.

Madrid Square offers quality training to students, graduates, adult learners, teachers and other participants on the labor market. Our team provides the necessary bridge between trainees and companies, doing the best to answer to the needs of both ends of that bridge.

We value the honor to be chosen as the team who makes the difference in the life of our customers. We love to do what we do because being involved in different projects that have a positive impact does matter in the world. That is why we also engage in the planning and management of projects related to marginal social groups like refugees, people with developmental problems, early school leavers, etc.

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Services Enjoy our great value services.


Trainees are usually accommodated in comfortable flats shared with other participants. All apartments are fully equipped.

Language Courses.

We also provide language courses taught by native teachers, who are specialized in teaching Spanish to foreigners.

Airport Transfer.

Madrid Square organizes the trainees’ transfer from and to Madrid airport at arrival and departure.

Local Transport.

Trainees are provided with weekly or monthly local transport passes to reach their school or work placement companies.


All work placements will have a job description. Monitoring and support will be given on a weekly basis by a tutor within each work placement.

Follow up.

Our supervisors takes care of the trainees during the whole training period. Each trainee will be provided with a host company tutor as well.

Cultural Activities.

Parallel to the project there are socio-cultural activities organised and carried out by Madrid Square.


Provided they have successfully completed the language course and work placement, trainees will be certified by Madrid Square.